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Harmonix - In Love

Harmonix - In Love

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Harmonix presents 'In Love', it's a liquid dream harnessing the vocals of Stephan Roach. In the words of the Cape Town duo, "the music written by Harmonix and Stephan Roach is an expression of the state of being in love." The vocals elegantly pushes the feeling of all the raw emotion to be felt in a relationship. "The journey is often confusing and leaves us craving for our deepest desires. In essence the message is about surrender and bringing to life the true meaning of love for us all."

Garden Groove serves up this four track EP featuring remixes by Neil Gain, Rob Toca and Oliver Osborne. Their delivery of 'In Love' perfectly packages a wholesome EP for listeners.

Gain's Motor Love Mix is a deep exploration of sound, bringing to the surface a mix of beautiful emotions. The words "In love" penetrates as Gain effortlessly brings in all the necessary elements to create a track for the dancefloor. This is one beautiful track, ideal for dancefloors, a lonesome drive in your car or for those days when you surrender your state of being to the music.

Next on the remix duties, Oliver Osborne takes listeners on an experiential journey. Oliver Osborne's remix affords the chance to feel all that this track means while simultaneously giving you the chance to have an out of body sensation. Explore the deep percussion as this hard-hitting track elevates listeners to an alternate musical realm.

And lastly, the Toca remix slows things down with this version of 'In Love'. It's the perfect amalgamation of tempo and rhythm. Rob Toca ensures that listeners are transported to a otherworldly surface, giving you the ability to delightfully take in all pieces of a wonderfully created Garden Groove EP.
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