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Zito Mowa, Krippsoulisc - Goat Stew

Zito Mowa, Krippsoulisc - Goat Stew

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A collaboration of music transpired on Spotify with Zito Mowa and Krippsoulisc to give rise to Garden Groove Music's latest pulsating release - Goat Stew. This power hitting, neck breaking track brings forth the versatile sound brewing in Limpopo. It's a celestial alignment of two contrasting sounds, Zito with his scuffed house and Krippsoulisc with his welcoming offering of techy dub.

The three track EP features W.N.N.E and China Charmeleon on remix duties. Their contribution to Goat Stew beautifully wraps this EP in delicate sounds and packages it for listeners to explore all spheres of music.

On the second track, W.N.N.E takes the listener on a blissful, eyes closed adventure of sound. Seamlessly getting you to float through every beat heard in the track, this remix builds so effortlessly to the point of climax and releases you gently into a state of deep house hypnosis.

And finally, on the third track, China Charmeleon adds an integral element of cheeky dub. This remix of Goat Stew is the track that will see dancefloors coming to life, hands in the air, in appreciation for the sounds brewing in South Africa.

In summation, Goat Stew is what happens when music producers come together with their unique sound and create without any boundaries and expectations.
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