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Zithane, Hypaphonik, Trevor G, Carol - Memories

Zithane, Hypaphonik, Trevor G, Carol - Memories

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A melting pot of South Africa's new wave of producers come together on Garden Groove Music's next release. Making his return, Zithane teams up with Hypaphonik and Trevor G featuring Carol

The original packs heavy in rhythm, exciting leads, repetitive melodies, warm pads and Carols captivating vocal sending you into abyss. A world away.

Tahir Jones comes through strong on remix duties as expected from one of South Africa's favorite producers that has engraved his name and music into our beautiful scene.

The man in bloom, The man in season, T.I.B
Spacey, Electronic sounds accompanied by a emotive grand piano chord progression and a driving bassline is the strong foundation to this remix lead by a pitched down vocal.

Inno Vinovicht take on the remix is a shade darker. A downtempo masterpiece with a sophisticated bassline and emotive breakdowns.

Last and surely not the least, Hypaphonik shares the bonus remix and concludes a finely crafted package with a variety in sound.
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